MABIEL INTERNATIONAL Shpk, a textile firm belonging to the MARTINETTO GROUP, produces wire carrier, a woven tape in iron and polyester called “FILFLEX” that is a connection for rubber profile for car doors and boots.

MABIEL INTERNATIONAL Shpk technology has been developed thanks to the experience of the other textile firms of the Group working in the woven tape field. Tapes for automotive industry, safety belts, metal tapes, steel mesh rings for silencers, tapes for industry use (electric motors insulation, electric cables) and telecommunications, for the dress.

MABIEL INTERNATIONAL Shpk has many looms and a great productive ability to satisfy any customer requirements, both in terms of study and product manufacturing , therefore offering a structure able to assure the maximum quality and innovation.

MABIEL INTERNATIONAL Shpk primary customers are rubber profile manufacturers that supply rubber profiles to car manufacturers (OEMs). However, Mabiel has a few large customers that also sell rubber profile in other industries (e.g., agricultural and industrial vehicles, electrical cabinets) as well as in the automotive aftermarket.

MABIEL INTERNATIONAL Shpk is the largest manufacturer of Wire Carrier in Europe. It can provide a wide variety of widths, and it works mainly following the customers’ technical sheets. One of our strengths is the tens-year experience that allows us to ensure a technical support to the customer, bringing in the meantime time innovations in process and production.

MABIEL INTERNATIONAL Shpk takes particular care of its customers aiming to provide the best possible quality, according to the ISO TS standards. Our continuous selection, quality control and testing of the raw material is a guarantee. The final product is tested in our laboratory to assure it meets the customer’s required technical characteristics. The competence of our technical – commercial service is at your disposal for any particular requirements.

MABIEL INTERNATIONAL Shpk not only offers the widest and qualified range of wire carrier, but also assistance, precision, punctuality: in one word RELIABILITY, testifield by the most exigent customers trust and confirmed by the success achieved in the most  prestigious design.


MABIEL INTERNATIONAL Shpk company, particularly careful to the problems coming from the extrusion of rubber or PVC profile with metal insert, has produced an important innovation with the Wire Carrier FILFLEX product. 


● Minimum profile contraction after the extrusion;

● A good possibility of a profile shearing stress due to the paralle shape of the slot;

● An high seal of the wires on the selvedge;

● A good clutching to the rubber;

● A great ficility in extrusion due to the particular characteristic of the product.