The Mabiel International’s WIRE CARRIER is used to reinforcement different type of sealing profile (rubber, PVC, TPE) for automotive and industrial sector.

9 reasons to choose Mabiel International's wire carrier

Mabiel satisfies customers requirements, both in term of study and production manufacturing


Fixed syntethic fiber

The new conception of wire carrier is with glued yarns that permit to use it easier than the old not fixed one.


Calculate shrinkage

The new glued wire carrier allows repeatable shrinkage after vulcanization and cut in rubber profile due to the thermo-fixing of the synthetics yarns.

03 Palallel loops

The new glued wire carrier allows the reduction of the picks number in order to obtain a weight advantage with the standard wire carrier. Moreover the parallel loops conception allows a perfect cut at the end of the line without any additional finishing operation.

04 Reels

The packaging of the wire carrier is completely recyclable and doesn’t need the coming back of any part.


Prevention of rust problems

The weight advantage of the wire carrier permit to switch off, without big increase of the cost, from bright wire to galvanized wire or stainless steel wire or aluminum wire to avoid rust problems.


Prevention of elongation and stretch resistance

During the extrusion process the wire carrier can be used without any additional support, like glass fibers that doesn’t allow the elongation and prevent the breaking of the lanced and stretched steel.


Cost effectiveness

The wire carrier is about 20% less expensive than equivalent lanced and stretched product.

08 Weight advantage

The wire carrier is up to 70% lighter in weight that lanced and stretched steel with similar properties. Weight saving of about 1 kg per vehicle are achieved.

09 Position type of the fiber yarns

The exactly placement of the fibers yarns and using different type of them (example polypropylene) help to get the result aimed in folding of rubber profile.

The strength of a Group

The Martinetto Group consists of three companies: Mabiel Iinternational, Remmert, and Filmar,

Design & Craft
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Mabiel company, particularly careful to the problems coming from the extrusion of rubber or PVC profile with metal insert, has produced an important innovation with the Wire Carrier FILFLEX product.