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The WIRE CARRIER is used to reinforcement different type of sealing profile (rubber, PVC, TPE) for automotive and industrial sector.

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Mabiel manufactures a textile tape referred to as FILFLEX wire carrier. Wire carrier is the structural skeleton inside rubber seals (referred to in the industry as “rubber profile”) of car doors, trunks, etc. This is Mabiel’s primary product and they are the sole manufacturers of this technology in Italy. Overall, wire carrier is lighter and contains less metal than other technologies. Mabiel’s wire carrier creates an unattractive appearance on the exterior of the rubber profile. Neither of the technologies is definitively more expensive or superior than the other, and each technology has many variations within it to meet the engineering specifications and needs of the customers.

Completed wire carrier is about one inch wide and, like ribbon, is wrapped around a very large spool. It is made primarily of thin iron wire (galvanized, bright, aluminium or copper plated) and synthetic fiber.