Martinetto Group



The Martinetto Group consists of five companies and has over 200 employees. It expanded into the automotive textile industry by establishing Mabiel.



Tessitura Mabiel s.r.l. was formed in 1978 as a subsidiary to the Martinetto Group.

Mabiel manufactures a textile tape, FILFLEX, referred to as wire carrier. Wire carrier is a structural element within rubber seals that allows the rubber to hold its form and grip to its structure (e.g., doors, trunks).



With a production capacity of over 100 million meters per year, Filmar is among the main manufacturers of woven tapes in Italy. Filmar was established in 1961 and it has specialized in the production of articles for the sectors:

HOME TEXTILE – pleating curtain tapes and trimming and accessories;

MEDICAL – bandages and products for orthopaedic items;

INDUSTRIAL and AUTOMOTIVE – special tapes in polyester, in glass, in aramidic fiber, in carbon fiber, in Teflon, in Nomex.

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Remmert produces clothing, haberdashery and technical. Today, our products adorn and give a touch of style to the garments and furnishing accessories of the most famous Italian and foreign brands and names. Remmert’s clothing and dressmaking accessories, labels, and tapes are known and appreciated throughout the world.

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PMA is a leader in the production and marketing plasters, bandages, collars, braces and more.

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Leader in the production of prefabricated belts for pants.

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